Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lilly grants office

Eli Lilly and Company create and deliver innovative medicines that enable people to live longer, healthier and more active lives.

From the Lilly grants office website:

What types of programs are within the scope of the Lilly Grant Office(LGO) and will be considered for funding?

As a commitment to improving patient care and providing valuable information to the medical and broader healthcare community, Lilly will accept the following grant requests:

* Healthcare professional education (Priority will be given to accredited programs)
* Patient advocacy and Consumer education programs (e.g., disease-state education and awareness, screenings, camps, etc.)

Funding may be requested in the form of charitable contributions, or support for an educational program, scientific awards or select fellowships.

Does previous support of a program by Lilly guarantee future support?

No. The grant funding process is very competitive. Each grant is evaluated on its individual merit relative to other grant requests. Please do not consider any request approved until you have received written documentation from the LGO approving your grant request.


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