Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to search for unclaimed money or property in Oklahoma

Unclaimed property includes various types of obligations or liabilities of a business which have been inactive or have not been paid for a period of time after they became payable.

You are invited to find unclaimed money in Oklahoma.

Examples for unclaimed property:

* Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
* Garnishments or court deposits
* Payroll/wage obligations
* Unidentified receipts
* Amounts held by a fiduciary or trustee
* Dividends, interest, royalties
* Matured insurance policy proceeds
* Amounts due under insurance contracts
* Amounts distributable at liquidation/dissolution

One of the most important jobs Oklahoma State Treasurer Scott Meacham has is returning lost property to Oklahomans.

The job includes finding the rightful owners, or heirs, of unclaimed funds, stocks and contents of safe deposit boxes.

Claiming unclaimed property is free and you might find money belongs to you from dormant checking and savings accounts, unpaid wages and commissions, securities, cash dividends, uncashed money orders, utility deposits, refunds, and other types of property. Land and buildings are not included.

How to search the unclaimed money database?
Its easy, simply enter a last/business name and select "search".
To narrow your results, enter a first name or initial.

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