Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CHS foundation -grants and scholarships - agribusiness and production agriculture

About CHS:
The CHS Foundation invests in the future of agriculture and rural America through a strong commitment to education and leadership development.

For organization, grants/sponsor seekers:
  • Funding is program-orientated and your request should fall into one of the five program areas:
  • University Partnerships
  • Rural Youth Leadership Development
  • Returning Value to Rural Communities
  • Cooperative Education
  • Farm and Agricultural Safety


For students and scholarships seekers:
  • The CHS Foundation offers three scholarship programs that focus on developing future leaders in agribusiness and production agriculture.
Here are the programs offered:
  • High School Scholarship Program
  • Two-Year College Scholarship Program
  • University Scholarship Program

If you need more information ,Guidelines how to apply online - here

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